Cutout sculpture by Takashi Murakami © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Art – Takashi Murakami – art/anime :)

Taking a break from a heavy week (already!) at work, I went to see the latest work from Takashi Murakami who seeks to continue the art/anime debate.

With more than sideways glance to the work of Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami grinds Ukiyo-e with the modern ‘anime’ or manga graphical style to serve up fantastically rendered sculptures and somewhat run of the mill paintings.  Where Koons stops/starts with the surface banality of modern life, culture and sex, Murakami adds the spice of Japanese culture in his overt representation of women in this exhibition.  There is dark humor at play here too, particularly with over sized sexual organ sculpture with ‘anime’ faces. All in all its a visual treat, somewhat lacking and dubious in substance or curation, but this is probably Murakami and/or Gagosian’s intention anyway… A well trodden path in my humble view.  Jonathan Jones also talks about it in his blog in the Guardian here…

The photograph above shows a paper cutout version given away free of his 6ft version within the gallery, shot at my work.

Takashi Murakami Gagosian Gallery,London, WC1X 9JD
Until 5 August 2011

All pictures/bits copyright refer to Takashi Murakami/KaiKai Kiki Co., Ltd, I do not hold any copyright to anything here…


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